Retreats – Food

(This is part 11 in our ongoing series on Planning Your Retreat) While we previously mentioned food only briefly, we want to be sure to give this complex topic the attention it deserves. We will be dedicating two posts to the consideration of food. Why is food so important?

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Retreats – Worship Leader

This week, we’re going to begin revisiting aspects of retreat planning that have previously been identified–and now we’ll go a level deeper to discuss those items in a little more detail. As mentioned earlier, here at Mt. Chestnut Nazarene Retreat Center our mission is to provide the best possible facilities within our means to churches…

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post-retreat follow-up

Post-Retreat Follow-Up

We find it helpful to schedule a debriefing within a couple of days after your retreat is over. Gather together the team and your volunteer staff–anyone who may have had contact with or input from your guests or the retreat center staff. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss the overall experience of the participants…

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