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Spiritual Retreat Planning Guide

We invite you to click the link below, which will take you to our Spiritual Retreat Planning Guide. The information provided in this guide will help you organize your thoughts, listing issues that need to be addressed and giving you a glimpse of “the big picture” as you piece together the puzzle of retreat planning.…

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Planning Together

Now that you’ve considered the six essential building blocks and have established a foundation, it’s time to start forming the structure of your retreat. With an endeavor such as this, it is highly recommended that you solicit the help of other interested parties who share your passion for presenting a meaningful and memorable event. At…

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reading can be a favorite retreat pasttime

How Much Is A Retreat?

You’ll recall that we started into our retreat-planning discussion a month ago by identifying the well-known Five W Formula, a common and effective tool for gathering information and making decisions. You may also remember that we added a sixth crucial question to our list: “How Much”. By the time you arrive at this point in…

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