Support the Year-Round Ministry of Our Center

The Mt. Chestnut Nazarene Retreat Center is open year-round, and we are always looking for ways to better serve you and to upgrade our facilities.

Ongoing Needs

Mt. Chestnut Nazarene Retreat Center is one of 33 campgrounds/retreat centers in the United States owned and operated by the Church of the Nazarene. Collectively these Nazarene camps have contributed to 7,500 spiritual decisions annually and as you support us, you share in these victories.

Our retreat center is growing with new bookings and many who are re-booking. For the past three consecutive years, Mt. Chestnut has operated in the black and we are officially debt free. We are healthy and ready for the next stage of growth.

In the next 3-5 years we need to find ways to accommodate more guests, perhaps building a new lodge. For now, some ways we are seeking to improve our service and facilities are listed below. If you can help with providing monetary donations for any of the following, we would greatly appreciate it!

Purchase of Additional New Linens & Bedspreads

As the number of guests increase, so does our need to keep the beds looking fresh and sharp.

Purcase of New Towels And Wash Cloths

We need to have nice quality towels and washcloths for our increasing number of guests. And for quick turnarounds, we need extra sets that are ready to go at any time. 

Tabernacle and Chapel

These buildings are the heart of Mount Chestnut Nazarene Retreat Center and we always have needs to improve and upgrade in order to better serve.


The beautiful grounds are kept that way by the dedicated work of our staff. We often have needs for new landscaping and materials.

Purchase Of New Mattresses & Protective Covers

As the number of guests increase, so does our need to keep the beds looking fresh and sharp.

Building Materials For Designated Campfire Area

A highlight of many retreats is a gathering around the Campfire, and we need a safe and designated spot for these campfires.

Meeting Rooms and Lobbies

Our meeting rooms and lobbies are used extensively throughout the year. As such, we need to keep our furniture, walls, and flooring clean and updated.

Presentation and Technology

Because we do have quite a few meeting rooms used by many groups, we would like to have the best to meet their presentation needs with current technology.

Young lives can be directed to Christ during camps at Mount Chestnut Nazarene Retreat Center.

Lives Are Changed at Mount Chestnut Nazarene Retreat Center

Your gift today will impact the lives of untold numbers of children, teens, young adults, families, and senior adults.

As a ministry of the Pittsburgh District Church of the Nazarene, it is our mission to provide facilities that can help Christian organizations carry out their ministry in a way that is affordable and enables participants to center their thoughts on God, with as few distractions as possible.

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