Retreats – Worship Leader

adams-voiceThis week, we’re going to begin revisiting aspects of retreat planning that have previously been identified–and now we’ll go a level deeper to discuss those items in a little more detail.

As mentioned earlier, here at Mt. Chestnut Nazarene Retreat Center our mission is to provide the best possible facilities within our means to churches and other organizations. We strive to offer reasonably-priced, clean and comfortable meeting space and accommodations that allow our guests to focus on worship and spiritual growth.

In our view, the worship part of a retreat is of utmost importance. There are several avenues of worship that can provide a rich and meaningful deepening of spiritual experience. Some of these are:

· Keynote speaker

· Bible study

· Communion

· Devotions

· Small groups

· Music

Worship—offering ourselves to God in obedience, praise, glory, adoration and honor—can be and should be carried out by us in all times, in all places and in all ways. All of the avenues listed above are effective ways to help participants encounter God both personally and corporately. None of these is essential for your event, but most are commonly integrated into the spiritual retreat experience.

By designating one particular individual on your team to concentrate on planning and organizing the worship aspects of your retreat, you can ensure that there is a common theme, all details are addressed and your participants go away from your retreat refreshed and inspired.

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