Retreat Planning

SW_Fre Sonneveld
Have you ever attended—or thought about attending— a retreat? Most of us enjoy the comradery, relaxation and change of routine that retreats afford. Spending scheduled time with like-minded individuals who share our interests, ministries or commitments can be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually rewarding.

Mt. Chestnut Retreat Center hosts a variety of retreats every year. Because our facilities are affordable, convenient, and geared toward this type of event, virtually every group that holds an activity here makes plans to return. Some of our retreat hosts regularly schedule one or two annual events several years in advance.

Throughout the next few weeks, we will be presenting some basic information about retreats. Some of you already have years of planning experience and, if that’s you, your comments and suggestions will be welcomed. But we know there are also many potential retreat-planners out there, and we’d also like to hear from you: What kind of retreat are you thinking about? Do you have some ideas you need help in implementing? Who would your event be geared toward? There are dozens of topics we could cover. Please feel free to share your questions and thoughts.

So check back with us in the weeks to come. Join the conversation, share ideas and—who knows—maybe we’ll eventually have a retreat to train retreat-planners!

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