Partner with us to provide private, individual restrooms for our Dorm 1 renovation.

Dorm 1 is centrally located to the hub of our retreat center, but cannot be utilized year-round in its current state. Our goal is to renovate the interior of this dorm so that it is similar in layout to Gorring. The purpose of our “Pledge a Potty” Campaign is to raise money through donations to fund the complete renovation of 9 private restrooms for each guest room, one restroom will be handicap accessible.
Below you will see pictures of Dorm 1 in its current state.

Financial donations would provide necessary improvements to the restrooms in the facility.


Toilets are a necessity, and clean and private are preferred. The Dorm 1 renovation would more than double the number of toilets available in this facility. Our goal is to provide each guest room their own private restroom. Donors can “pledge a potty” ($140), aid in maintaining clean air by donating toward exhaust fans ($90), or help ensure the facilities are well lit ($130 restroom lighting).


Sink Vanities

New sink vanities will be a major upgrade from the current wall mount sinks in our rooms. Not only will they have a better appearance, but they will also provide storage for guests. We will need 9 sink vanities. Donors can financially assist with funding 1 of the 8 vanities needed ($220), give toward the handicap accessible vanity needed ($350), or give toward faucets ($80).


Corner Showers

Corner showers will help to maximize space where guests can relax while showering without worrying about the currently shared concrete, double shower head facility. Donors can provide 1 of 8 corner showers ($760), provide funds for our handicap shower unit ($1,100), or fund shower faucets ($110-$170).


Space-saving Sliding Pocket Doors

Sliding pocket doors will allow us to maximize our square footage and keep a sleek, clean, room design. We will need 9 sliding doors for our renovation. Donors can financially assist with funding one pocket door ($230), one set of door hardware ($190), or both a door and hardware ($420).


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